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Mittens for Akkol (M4A)

Winters are long and harsh in Kazakhstan. We have seen snow in August and have had to purchase winter coats to wear there in late May. In January, temperatures dip to 40 BELOW zero, the same whether you speak Celsius or Fahrenheit. The need for warm clothing is great. This year we will deliver over 600 pounds of hand knits to three orphanages in Kazakhstan...(more)

Grandfather Frost Program

During his first Christmas at home, our son asked us why Santa Claus, who was able to deliver toys all over the world, never came to the orphanage. We had no answer. As we purchased gifts for our two children, we thought of the children still at the orphanage...(more)

Warm Hugs for Grads

Alone and scared, every year children aged 15 or 16 leave the orphanage to begin their lives away from the only home most have ever known. In Russian, they are called the orphanage leavers...(more)

Siblings Express

Children in orphanages have lost the one thing that we all long for - family, a sense of belonging to someone. Most sibling groups are able to stay together even as their parents are lost to them, but for some, even that link is lost as sibling groups are divided between orphanages. Some have not seen each other in years...(more)

Childhood Memories

When they get older, our children will have nothing to remember their siblings, friends and caretakers as they go out into the world alone, no childhood photographs to look back on, nothing to use to compare their own childrenís faces to their own as babies...(more)

Baby House Project

On a cold day in December, our volunteer traveled to Schuchinsk, to meet with the head doctor. Brightly colored murals adorned the walls in the hallway where she waited.  A bulletin board displayed photos of the children and caretakers. And it was cold. Inside the building...(more)

General Support Fund

There are always unexpected expenses when running any familyís home. Now multiply that by hundreds of children. Add in the fact that you are not just providing a home, but a school as well. Itís a daunting challenge. On a tight budget, sometimes those expenses have to go unmet...(more)



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